Your Facilitator

My headshot more dreamy Feb 2020 originalHello!

My name in this incarnation is Andrea Greenwall.  The wealth of the spiritual realm was revealed to me through a series of synchronistic happenings in my early 40s, due to a traumatic experience in my own life.

I had been a spiritual and psychological seeker of one sort or another most of my life, and so, apparently, it was time for me to learn of this.  Having been trained as a counselor already, this was the next step, the next level of helping.

My calling is to provide clients and seekers with the opportunity to learn and grow in this way.  I have voraciously read and reread most everything I could get my hands on, as well as having been trained and certified in the process by Dr. Linda Backman at the RavenHeart Center.

My goal is to facilitate your communication with the Beyond effectively, efficiently, and carefully, for the edification of your Soul, for your own benefit, as well as the benefit of All That Is, most especially, the Earth and all her inhabitants, at this important time.  Please Join Me.

Andrea Greenwall, M.Ed.,LPCC, National Certified Counselor