Accidental Death

There was a terrible car accident recently, affecting the friends of friends.  Two friends in a car were rear-ended, mortally wounded, and were later taken off of life support, and so died.

My perspective on an accident like this has changed dramatically through my growth and understanding through past-life and between-lives regression work.

Before this, I would have been distraught with empathy for the people in the accident, the pain they went through, the agony….  Now, I am less concerned about that because I have learned that souls detach from the body and float away, all the while watching their body, feeling nothing.

They may have hovered above their bodies for the days they were still on life-support machines.  These souls may have made themselves known to their family and friends who were grieving their loss.  They may have been unable to get through.

But sooner or later, they would have floated up to meet the Great Light, and would have been greeted by loved ones and spirit guides, to return to the Beingness and Formlessness.

I don’t grieve for them anymore.  I rejoice for them.

However, I do have empathy for their family and friends who are still here and will miss them ferociously.

But have faith, you will meet again.  All is well.  Life is bigger than that which we see here on this mortal plain.  Have faith.

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