I am sorry to say that I am currently unavailable for this kind of work as I am having physical health struggles.

Best wishes to you!

~ Andrea


Ancient Souls… Regress to Progress.

I work with spiritual seekers outside of any particular religion, and yet encompassing the core of all major religions, to aid these seekers who are feeling lost, hurting or disconnected in learning more of their purpose, gleaning comfort, perspective, and healing, and experiencing the bliss possible from connecting or reconnecting to and with Source.

I facilitate a rendezvous of spiritual communication through guided deep relaxation and altered states.  Seekers are routinely shown something which provides them with connection to a larger reality.

Through this communication, the seeker may find insight, information about current life issues, understanding of larger systems and purposes, a deeper meaning, and the opportunity to connect with the Beyond in whatever fashion is allowed by guides from the spiritual realm.

People are shown what they need to know in a manner that is most appropriate for them.

If this resonates for you, please set up a time for a rendezvous.  Join me.